Beginner Tunes

Remember to look under the "Celtic Collection" page for more beginner tunes...  there are quite a few there that have been hits with my own students.  

Here is a link to "Tunes for Littles"
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Some other tunes you might also enjoy:

"A Jazzy Tune for Hayden"
"Dixie Doodle"
"Fall Blues"
"Goin' To the Garden to Eat Worms"
"Hockey is my Fav'rite Sport"
"Hockey Season"
"No Cellphone for Me"
"Sauntering Along"
"Short and Sneaky"
"Skipping Along"
"The Birdie Song"
"What's that Noise"

Hymns etc for beginners:
"A Great Big God"
"Father, I Adore You"
"God Sees the Little Sparrow Fall"
"Hallelujah - Praise Ye the Lord"
"I Wonder How It Felt"
"I've Got the Joy"
"If You Can Sing a Song"
"Jesus Loves Me"
"Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee"
Kids Under Construction
"King of Kings"
"O Be Careful"
"O How I Love Jesus"
"Pass It On"
"Seek Ye First"
"This is My Father's World"

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